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Call for Sponsors: Facades+ 2019

Since launching in New York City in 2012, AN Media Group’s Facades+ conferences have expanded rapidly. Hosted in nine cities, Facades+ attracted 2300 attendees in 2017 alone. This year, Facades+ is adding Denver, Minneapolis, Charlotte and Toronto to its location roster. Facades+ AM morning...

S9 Architecture’s 606 Broadway approaches completion

Located on the northern border of Manhattan’s SoHo, New York-based firm S9 Architecture's 606 Broadway is a highly visible development under construction along East Houston Street. The six-story, 34,000 square-foot...

Sections of the Glasgow School of Art to be “dismantled” this week

According to recent reports, sections of the Glasgow School of Art will be disassembled over the coming days. Officials studying the June 15th blaze have observed a larger degree of settling and movement among the remaining sections of the building than originally anticipated, enough to prompt the...

Glass, curtain walls, and glazing offer increased visibility

Glass facades remain the cladding of choice for residential and commercial projects—both in densely populated metropolises as well as suburbs. High visibility and improved technology in weather barriers make this exterior sheathing option increasingly the material of choice—above wood, brick, and...

New eco-friendly weather and air barriers help to lower energy costs

Even the highest performing facades can be undone by gaps or by under-utilizing insulation. Weather and air barriers have expanded to fill a variety of niches, from eco-friendly insulation to ready-to-install sealant. Rizza Partition Closure System Balco This compression seal is perfect for...

Quick Takes

Copper Development Association announces 2018 awardees

On June 22nd, the Copper Development Association and the Canadian Copper & Brass Development Association awarded 15 buildings the North American Copper in Architecture Award. Ranging from SHoP’s dual copper-clad skyscrapers bordering the East River to the dome restoration of Bradford County’s...

Alice Technologies brings AI to construction management

Founded in 2003, Alice Technologies is a construction engineering software used by developers and contractors to improve the efficiency of construction projects. As reported by Construction Today, the development of Alice Technologies’ software required mapping out the relationship between...